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Radish, White Icicle

An excellent radish variety that has a long tapered, icicle-shaped root about 5” long. The crisp mild root has white skin and white flesh. Radishes are easy to grow and ready for harvest in just a few weeks. These grow well in containers.  Plant in shallow pots for microgreens and harvest just before the true leaves emerge.  Add to salads, sandwiches or sprinkle on top of stews and other dishes as a spicy, crunchy garnish.


Radish, French Breakfst, Org

Organic French Breakfast Radish is an early heirloom radish that has been grown since the 1880’s. The beautiful rose-scarlet roots are oblong with a blunt white tip, 2″ long, 3/4 ” diam and a small tender taproot. The crisp white flesh has a  distinct mildly pungent flavor. This is a top quality old-fashioned favorite.