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7 Stocking Stuffers Under $25 for Gardeners

by Sam Doll Here are 7 must-have tools to keep in mind if you are looking for great garden gifts for your favorite gardener. –Nisaku Japanese Hori Hori Garden Knife for 24.95 on amazon.com   These compact garden tools feature serrated and straight edges that are perfect for a variety of garden needs, including cutting […]


Grow Your Own Sprouts in 6 Easy Steps

  by Heather Stone Choose a container and lid                Sprouting seeds in a jar is easy and convenient. Make sure to choose a jar that is large enough to accommodate the seeds when sprouted. I find a quart jar with a wide mouth to work well.  You will […]


The Secret Life of a Queen Bee

by Engrid Winslow   A Queen Bee begins her life in a vaguely peanut-shaped cell that is larger than the one a worker bee or drone comes to life in. It takes three days for the egg to hatch and no matter what type of bee is being raised, it will be fed royal jelly […]