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April Happenings in the Honeybee Hive

By Engrid Winslow   Beginning in March, as the days lengthen and temperatures begin to warm (at least some of the time!) the bees are starting to raise brood again. April means the delivery of packages and nucs and towards the end of the month established overwintered hives begin to think of swarming. This is […]



By Engrid Winslow The tradition of Irish soda bread is a much newer invention than the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day which began in 400 B.C.  A bread made without yeast to leaven it was first reported in the Americas when settlers and indigenous people used potash before the invention of baking soda in the […]


Cherokee Purple Tomato

by Heather Stone What’s your favorite tomato? All true tomato lovers and growers have a few tomato varieties that they just couldn’t imagine not growing and always recommend to their friends and fellow gardeners. One popular heirloom variety that continues to be a favorite among many and consistently wins taste tests across the country is […]