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Using Your Frozen Summer Bounty (Part 1 – PESTO)

by Engrid Winslow Frozen summer bounty. Already the bounty of vegetables and herbs from the summer garden are becoming a distant memory. It’s time to dig into the freezer and start to use up some of those precious flavors in the cold winter months.   Let’s start with the delicious pesto(s) you made and froze back […]


An Easy Guide to Perfect Kombucha

  by Sam Doll Sweet, sour, fizzy, and funky; Kombucha (or ‘Booch” for those in the know 😉) has been super trendy of late. This fermented tea drink is chock full of healthy probiotics, antioxidants, and good vibes! The thing is, it is pretty pricey at the supermarket. Most bottles of kombucha are around $3 […]


The History of the Jack-O-Lantern

  by Heather Stone As the last days of October approach pumpkins carved in an array of faces and lit from within by candles dress porches, stoops, windows and walkways. The jack-o-lantern as we know it is a true American icon of Halloween, but where and how did this tradition begin? There are several theories […]