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[eGuide] Getting Started With Seed Saving

Now you might think that because we are a company that SELLS seed, we wouldn’t be talking to you about saving seed for free.  But we love seeds! And in a world in which only a few massive corporations own the rights to most of the seeds that are sold, we think the more people […]


First Things: Start More Seeds

by Sandy Swegel I had the good fortune to go backstage, so to speak, at a CSA farm this week.  Lara’s farm is amazingly small. On just over an acre she almost single-handedly feeds 35 families.  She has an unheated greenhouse and a rototiller, but otherwise, that’s as high-tech as she goes.  Trying to fathom […]


How to Get all the Seeds you Want and Not go Broke

by Sandy Swegel My happy group of gardening buddies first got to know each other because of our great avarice for more seeds. We had all joined a local gardening email list so we could talk more about plants and gardening, but the more we talked with each other, the more seeds and plants we […]


Starting your Perennials NOW

by Sandy Swegel It’s Time. Even here in snowy Colorado, it’s time. Even if some weird polar vortex has kept you housebound and you’ve lost track of what day it is…it’s time.  Time to start our perennial seeds. Spring really is on its way.  One of the interesting aspects of a culturally liberal place like […]


Too Many Seeds, Too Little Space.

I remember when I first started gardening. As I recall, I went to the hardware store and bought three packets of seeds which I planted that afternoon.  I’m not sure how I followed my lust for seeds until today when my saved and leftover seeds now require two shoe boxes….and that’s after I gave away many many seeds.  […]


Seeds in the Garden

by Sandy Swegel Now that we’re at the peak of summer, you’ll start to notice that your garden is likely to have more seeds than it has flowers.  The heat and long days of summer have stimulated seed formation in most plants and this is a good thing.  Don’t just deadhead the seeds and compost […]