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Two Ways to Guarantee Your Outdoor Seeds Grow

Seed Starting by Sandy Swegel The next few weeks are crucial for new gardeners. Every year in Spring, first-time gardeners buy some seeds and dig up a garden on the first really warm weekend and sprinkle the seeds out. Then they wait. For some, within the month, weather conditions will be good and they’ll have […]


Saving Tomato Seed

Heirloom Vegetable Seeds by Sandy Swegel To get the best tomato plants, you need the best seed.  If you want to save your own tomato seeds, you need to select from the very best tomatoes this year. Timing is critical. My friend Frank is a wonderful market farmer who has taught many of us a lot about […]


Start your Seeds…Again.

Why You Need to Restart Your Seeds by Sandy Swegel This time it’s going to be a lot easier. You don’t need lights and cold frames. You don’t even have to use trays and little pots. You can start your seeds again and put the seeds directly into the earth.  You don’t need much time.  […]


Choices… as your cool season veggies go to seed

Heirloom Vegetable Seeds by Sandy Swegel Gardening is always about choices. There are the early choices about what to plant. Choices about whether to treat pests. Choices about when to harvest. Now as your cool-season greens and herbs and alliums go to seed, you have some choices. Your first choice is more food. If you […]


Going to Seed

Heirloom Vegetable Seeds by Sandy Swegel After weeks of rainy days, we were rewarded with a week of hot sun. This is great news for the tomatoes, but it means all those cool season veggies started to bolt. When summer temperatures warm up, all the cilantro and spinach and lettuce put out lovely seed heads. […]