Things We Like!

Here are a few websites that we thought might be helpful to you with planning, planting and harvesting your garden.

People and Pollinators Action Network logo.

OUR MISSION: People and Pollinators Action Network (PPAN) is protecting people and pollinators by advancing sustainable agricultural practices, new safeguards for public health, and improvements for our environment across Colorado. We believe that  community awareness and engagement are necessary for the transformation of public policy based on best practice recommendations in the use of chemical pesticides and pollinator habitat management.

You can be a part of a regional landscape solution to create a state-wide pollinator haven in Colorado! By converting your backyard to pollinator safe habitat, you are joining others who are doing the same and changing Colorado for the better, one garden at a time.  Start making a difference for pollinators today. Sign-up for the People and Pollinator newsletters to get connected to actions and solutions that are making a difference for Colorado’s pollinators!

Plant For Pollinators Project

The Bees Waggle was created with the mission to help save bees, as well as other important pollinators.

We invite you to waggle like a bee, showing your friends and family how to make a difference, and join the movement!

Crested Butte Wildflower Festival
A week of wildflower splendor in the charming, historic town of Crested Butte, the official Wildflower Capital of Colorado!

Mother Earth Gardens
Fun ladies from Minneapolis that do garden design and maintenance. A natural way to go.
Providing information for people who are passionate about nature and interested in pursuing a degree in forestry or environmental studies. The use of wood is integrally connected with land management and forestry practices. See the compilation of companies that practice good stewardship of the land and forest and forest products. They believe the list of sites will help prospective/current forestry students and professionals learn about the best in conscientious wood use.

National Gardening Association
NGA offers one of the Web’s largest and most respected array of gardening content for consumers and educators, ranging from general information and publications to lessons and grants. Explore their Web site and discover a world of gardening possibilities and join the ‘Million Pollinators Garden’ challenge!

Logo for the Colorado State Beekeepers Association.

The Colorado Beekeepers Association
The Colorado Beekeepers Association shall be composed of Beekeepers of the State of Colorado and those interested in allied industries for the purpose of producing better beekeeping methods, better beekeepers, and a more unified system of apicultural work in Colorado.

Logo for an online guide to gardening in the West.

Western Garnders
Plant a Row for the Hungry
is a people-helping-people program to feed the hungry in communities across the country. This national service project, started by the Garden Writers Association Foundation in 1995, encourages gardeners to grow a little extra and donate it to a food pantry or soup kitchen in their neighborhoods.