Can I get quantities other than those listed on your site?
Absolutely! Please call or email us and we can let you know if we have your desired quantities in stock.

Do you offer seeds for weddings and special occasions?
Yes we do and we would love to speak with you about this! Please give us a call or send us an email!

Do you send orders by U.S. Mail or UPS?
We usually evaluate the size and weight of the order and then determine the best and most affordable means of shipping.

Do you ship outside of the U.S.?
We ship to Canada in quantities less than 1 lb., but are not set up to ship overseas at this time due to strict laws and regulations.

Do your wildflower seed mixes contain annuals and perennials?
Yes, they do. The annuals provide colorful results the first season, since most of the perennials will not produce blossoms the first year. If you are planting to help the pollinators, this provides critical pollen and nectar which the perennials won’t produce until subsequent years. The perennials will take over in the following years and the annuals will re-seed themselves a bit.

How can I get a copy of your catalog?

You can download a copy and save for your files from our website by clicking on the catalog picture mid way down on our homepage. You can also call us @ (303) 530-1222 and request a paper copy, or you can send us an email @ info@bbbseed.com with your mailing address and we will put one in the mail right away.

How can I receive your online newsletter?
You can send your email address to mailto:info@bbbseed.com

How do I find out what zone I live in?
Great question! If you scroll over  on ‘Resources’ on the ‘Home Page’ of our website, you will seed ‘Hardiness Zones’ in the ‘Garden Gossip’ column.  Enter your zip code into the box on the ‘Hardiness Zones’ screen.

How do I get wholesale prices on your website?
At this time we do not have the ability to set up wholesale customers to be able to use the website.  Please give us a call to order for wholesale pricing.

If I do not see a specific flower or grass seed on your website, does that mean that you do not carry it?
Not necessarily. It is definitely worth giving us a call because if we do not have a specific seed in stock, we may be able to get it for you.

Is fall good time to plant?
I’m so glad that you asked! Late Fall and even during the Winter is a great time to plant and Mother Nature would agree! You can find complete planting tips in our catalog or on our website under the ‘Resources’ tab, under the ‘Wildflower/Grass Tips’ column. We also have planting tips printed on the backside of our seed tags!

Shipping can be expensive. Why is that?
We really appreciate your business and therefore would never attempt to “make money” on shipping and handling. Our goal is to recoup some of the costs of filling and shipping an order (postage, merchant fees, packing materials, labor costs). We do not inflate product prices in order to cover shipping costs.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Mastercard, Visa and personal checks.  We also accept payment through PayPal.

Where are you located?
Our warehouse is located in Gunbarrel, Colorado which is just north of Boulder. We are not set up to be a retail facility, but if you call or email us, we would be happy to refer you to one of the many retail nurseries or garden centers in your area that carry our seed.  info@bbbseed.com or 303-530-1222 phone, 1-866-897-1222  fax.