Left Hand Brewing

As BBB Seed heads into the 2nd year of the Plant for Pollinators Project, local breweries join the movement to support our pollinators! To show their support, Left Hand Brewing will be planting a pollinator garden at their facility in Longmont, CO.

In preparation of planting a pollinator garden Community Cultivator, Greta Dupuis, presented to staff members about the importance of our pollinators. Staff learned about eight different species of pollinators and how to create a pollinator garden. Individuals were filled with questions about how pollinators are being covered in the media and what steps they can take to support local pollinator species.

The Plant for Pollinators Project not only focuses on creating habitat for pollinators but is also incorporating an educational component to inform the public about the state of our pollinators. Support your pollinators through education and clean healthy forage!

Contact Greta Dupuis for more information about organizing a Pollinator Education Event. Community@bbbseed.com

Left Hand Brewing
Malt Room

National Pollinator Week Farmers Market Outreach

June 25th 2016

National Pollinator Week, put on by Pollinator Partnership, is always reason to celebrate our flower-loving creatures!  If you’re at this site, you know how important pollinators are- with their tireless work and amazing habit of increasing biodiversity to landscapes.  To help spread the word, we were invited to the Longmont Farmers Market as a guest vendor.  It was hands-down one of our most successful outreach efforts!  Hundreds of people flocked to learn more about wildflower seeds and planting their own pollinator gardens.  As kids whacked a bee pinata open and little packets of seeds rained down, we knew we had made a great impact on the Longmont community that day.

Eisenhower Elementary Plants For Pollinators

April 29th

Plant For Pollinators at Eisenhower Elementary

On Friday, April 29th, our community outreach specialist Caitlin Thomas spent the day teaching the 1st grade classes at Eisenhower Elementary all about native bees! Garden coordinator Clare Brandt and teachers rallied the children for native bee story time, giving each child a chance to listen, learn, and contribute their own unique bee stories. Amazingly, most children knew lots of information about bees and could list examples of native bees they had seen in the wild and at their own houses. After the talk, each class drew informative native bee cards and went to the garden to throw BBB Seed balls to create clean forage for pollinators.

Planting for Pollinators at Eisenhower Elementary
Planting for Pollinators at Eisenhower Elementary

Gold Hill Elementary Garden Planting

April 13th, 2016

Although Gold Hill Elementary resides at 8,300 ft, they were extremely eager to start an educational vegetable and pollinator garden underway with the help of BBB Seed.  Ultimately, they plan to build a hoop house in the summer of 2016 to house these vegetables so their growing season can be extended in the snowy and windy climate.  The kids and teachers at Gold Hill are truly special, in that they keep bees and use experiential learning as their main teaching-style.  Artwork, costumes, play props, and aquariums are just some of the joys a visitor will see upon visiting, and now a beautiful garden has been added for food & pollinator studies!

Mesa Elementary Clean Up Day

April 5, 2016
Boulder, CO

On April 5th, BBB Seed teamed up with Jessica Goldstrohm (Founder of The Bees Waggle) to re-vamp Mesa Elementary’s school garden.  The school had once been a participant in another intensive program and needed a bit of encouragement to get it going once again.  BBB Seed’s Caitlin Thomas provided vegetable and wildflower seeds to plant directly into the soil and Jessica educated about native bees and their habitats.  Slowly but surely we’ll keep re-establishing school gardens so our future generations can learn about one of life’s oldest occupations and past-times.